Instant Species

Instant Species

Instant Species are a band not a brand and since 1997 we’ve made music we love, played gigs to entertain people and released records with an enormous sense of pride. It's more than a hobby but it's far from a career and it's always fun.

We don't have a "plan" or "bid to be" anything other than 4 blokes playing some music we hope is half decent.

We have released 8 albums, various EPs and a few singles on our own label. You can listen to our music here and download tracks (some even for free).

We hope you like what we do!

Spaghetti Bob

Writing, remixing, mashing things up and generally having fun with Ableton.

Check out some of my other tracks created for Instant Species, other people and just for myself on my Soundcloud channel.


Sun Lightweight Bicycles for the Enthusiast

Vulture is a Yorkshire based company which provide stylish and practical cycling clothing mainly based around vintage steel bikes.

Vulture is the name given to those cyclists who reach the top of the climb first and then circle, waiting for the others to catch up – we aspire to be the one that gets there first. We can’t always be the first so we at least aspire to get there!

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Designed, projected, drawn and painted murals for funkier rooms.